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APEC Tech Start-ups and SMEs Gathering in Ho Chi Minh City Discovering the Future of O2O
APEC Tech Start-ups and SMEs Gathering in Ho Chi Minh City Discovering the Future of O2OSeeing the growing trend of digital economy and O2O (Online-to-Offline) application, Chinese Taipei collaborated more
2015 APEC Accelerator Network Summit & Global Challenge
To promote innovative entrepreneurship, encourage global connection, and help start-ups realize their dreams, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs more
APEC Accelerator Network Forum II

APEC Accelerator Network Forum for Early Stage Investment Speed up Startup to Growth by Integrmore

APEC SME Monitor
The latest issues are as listed below:
     1.  APEC SME Monitor - No.19 December 2015
     2.  APEC SME Monitor - No.18 December 2015
     3.  APEC SME Monitor - No.17 December 2015
     4.  APEC SME Monitor - No.16 June 2014 
     5. APEC SME Monitor - No.15 December 2013    
     6. APEC SME Monitor - No.14 October 2013
     7. APEC SME Monitor - No.13 August 2013
     8. APEC SME Monitor - No.12 June 2013
     9. APEC SME Monitor - No.11 April 2013
The latest activities are as listed below:
     1.APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Resilient SMEs for Better Global Supply Chains,
        24 March 2014
     22013 Conference on Enhancing SMEs’ Internationalization6 November 2013
     3. APEC Train-the-trainer Workshop on Promoting SME Business Continuity Plans,
         5-9 August 2013
     4. 2nd Focal Point Network & Expert Meeting, 12 March 2013
The latest research is as listed below:
       1. Guidebook on SME Business Continuity Planning 
            Simplified Version  Complete Version
       2. APEC Survey: BCP Status in APEC Region
       3. APEC Principles on Enhancing SME Capacity of Managing the 
         Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Trade Liberalization
       4. Principles and Checklist of Financial Crisis Management for APEC SMEs   
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Guidebook on SME Business Continuity Planning
中小企業持續營運教戰手冊(簡版) (other window)
中小企業持續營運教戰手冊(詳版) (other window)

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