What is SCMC

Under the rapid changes of the global business environment during past few years, when inflation attacked in the first three quarters of 2008, then suddenly changed to a financial crisis, and finally turned to recession, it is believed that this situation has made SMEs difficult to grasp the fluctuation of the global economic environment. SMEs are unable to identify crises and risks in the first place; it is usually too late when they perceive and recognize a crisis. It signals an urgent need for SMEs to strengthen their crisis management capabilities.

With increased globalization of the world economy, APEC needs a mechanism to deal with a variety of economic crises, which frequency is expected to be much higher than before. To enhance APEC SME crisis management abilities, “APEC SME Crisis Management Center” is to assist SMEs in identifying crisis in an earliest manner, overcoming the impacts of global economic challenges, and offering suggestions for response measures.